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Meet Zak Palek

Zak Palek works with a wide demographic including professional and amateur athletes, post rehab populations and everyday people. While distinct services, Zak uses his joint knowledge of Physical Therapy and strength and conditioning principles to develop a unique and comprehensive solution to rehabilitation and performance programs.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Pivotal role in my development

Zak has played a pivotal role in my development from a college athlete to a professional. I needed someone I could trust to help me endure the immense physical demands in an industry where longevity and reliability is a highly desirable trait.

Wise beyond your years

I had a pretty severe accident in the summer of 2015 and sustained major injuries to my low back and groin. A year after working with Zak, I can say that I haven’t felt this good since before the accident. Thanks Zak. You are wise beyond your years!"

Cares about his clients

Zak is a great trainer and Physical Therapist who actually cares about his clients and their overall health. He works with you to achieve your goals and his background in physio is a bonus for anyone utilizing his personal training services. Highly recommended for personal training and help with any pain or injury.

Resulted in a full recovery

I am a 64 year old male that thought he could surf, after my crash I wound up with surgery on my L5 vertebrae, damage to my ACL and shoulder. After extensive research on rehabilitation I settled on Zak, a choice I will never regret. My future as an older athlete was not looking good but I can happily say that the information, guidance, training systems and protocols Zak introduced to me have resulted in a full recovery and strength I could not have imagined.


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