Zak coaches out of a private training studio dubbed "The Batcave" and treats at Pivotal Physiotherapy's Athlete Recovery Centre (ARC) and High Performance Centre locations.

The Batcave by Optimal Human Performance

The Batcave is a completely private training space in Spruce Grove. The gym is equipped with all the necessary tools to hit your training and rehab goals, all the while offering a distraction free and safe environment.

ARC by Pivotal

Pivotal Physiotherapy's Athletic Recovery Centre or ARC, is comprised of a team of Physiotherapists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, and Massage Therapists working together to provide a multi disciplinary approach to the way Edmontonians’ meet their athletic goals. Services here include Performance Physiotherapy, Performance Testing, Coaching and Programming, Baseline Screens, and Recovery sessions provided all under one roof inside the downtown Evolve Strength location. Our primary aim is to bring together the services you need as an athlete that are not being met with your current set up and then meet those needs in a bespoke way to help you achieve your short and long term performance goals.

Tuesday 1pm-8pm
Thursday 1pm-8pm
Saturday 8am-1pm

Pivotal Physiotherapy - High Performance Centre

Pivotal Physiotherapy's High Performance Centre is located in the Brewery District with ample free downtown parking. Unlike many Physical Therapy clinics, it's equipped with a large open gym area complete with a full Rogue rig and plenty of exercise equipment to support an active rehab approach. Services offered here include Physiotherapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Running Assessments, Functional Movement Screens, Concussion Management, Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), Functional Dry Needling, and Massage Therapy.

Monday 1pm-8pm
Wednesday 7am-1pm