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Zak offers Physical Therapy, Personal Training services including Private, Semi Private and Group options and Kinstretch classes.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy done differently. One on one appointments you have your Physio's full attention. Longer appointment times so you don't feel rushed. Private treatment spaces. Exercise based interventions that will actually get you back to what you love. Zak will start by having a conversation with you to determine what it is you are struggling with and what goals he can help you attain. From there you can expect a detailed assessment to determine what to work on as well as education on how to improve. Zak's approach to treatment prioritizes exercise and education complemented by manual therapy as needed. Physical Therapy services can be accessed at Back on Track Chiropractic and Sport Injury Clinic. Direct billing is available.

Zak's clinic hours are:

Monday 12pm-7pm
Tuesday 12pm-7pm
Wednesday 8am-3pm
Thursday 12pm-7pm
Friday OFF
Saturday 8am-1pm
Sunday OFF

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Private Training


One on one training. Individualized programming, and my full attention. Following a detailed assessment, your program will be tailored to your current abilities and specific goals.

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Semi Private Training


Training with your friends. Individualized programming for you and up to 2 others. Each individual will go through their own detailed assessment and receive a program specific to them.


Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion.

The goal behind Kinstretch is to enhance your movement capacity - more movement variability and options to solve whatever the task is at hand. This makes us more resilient human beings and mitigates the chance for injury. The more movement options available, the more likely you are to succeed at whatever your goals may be.

We see Kinstretch as an invaluable tool to not only reduce injury but to also improve performance. Kinstretch is not meant to take the place of your current training. It is meant to supplement and enhance whatever you are interested in and utilized as an adjunct training modality.

Kinstretch classes are offered Sundays at 12:30-1:30pm. Classes are included in personal training packages or available for drop ins as a separate service.

* Kinstretch classes are currently being delivered both in person and online depending on what you are most comfortable with.

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